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Friday, July 03, 2009

Nashville and Asheville

We wake up this morning in lovely Asheville, NC, after spending 8 hours yesterday driving through Tennessee. We were lucky to have great weather, stopping at a cool gift shop/gas station in the morning, and then taking our chances with yet another unfamiliar downtown for lunch. While strolling through downtown Nashville, John had the brilliant idea of asking the valets in front of a hotel where to get good sandwiches. One of them cluelessly recommended Quizno's, but the other recommended the Provence Bread & Cafe. This Nashville chain has some unique choices, and while the guy behind the counter was inaudible, the food was inspired.

After some light traffic in Knoxville, I made a minor slipup while driving, taking us north on I-81 instead of staying on I-40 (curse those left-exits!). But we quickly turned around and headed through the beautiful Smoky Mountains. (Best license plate: just "FLOW".) Top that off with an evening drinking good beer and eating sweet Mexican/Cuban/Carribbean food at Salsa's, and we consider it another successful day.



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