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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come to Jesus

Well we drove to the Big Texan, getting there around 3pm Central time. There was a line for dinner, if you believe it. I ordered a BBQ brisket sandwich and Mike got the Buffalo burger. Neither one of us was particularly impressed. The place definitely had atmosphere though.

Then we got back on the road with Mike behind the wheel. Somewhere after Amarillo we spotted the above, ginormous cross off the highway. We had a good laugh at the absurdity of a gigantic cross visible from I-40, and then shortly after Mike noticed we were dangerously low on gas. By the car computer we had all of about 55 miles left to go. Luckily we had the GPS and were able to locate the nearest gas station (no joke in the middle of nowhere, Texas). If Mike spots the gas another 15 minutes later, we would've been in a pretty good jam. I guess the big JC was looking out for us.

Anyway, a few Bill Simmons' podcasts later, and we made it to OK City. We caught a couple of brewskis at the local pub (TapWerks), and even played along in the Tuesday night Trivia Bowl while enjoying dinner. Once we saw that the prize was a free round of Amstel Light though, we got the check and got out of there.


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