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Monday, July 06, 2009

Let's give credit where credit is due

And by that, I mean the GPS. Much as I disdained the annoying voice giving me directions, it proved invaluable during numerous situations. It was even comforting when I screwed up to see that I only added 5 minutes to the trip. I'm still not caving and getting one for myself, but I'll admit it comes in handy. And Mr. Simmons was definitely handy in keeping us alert.

But seriously, thanks for the complements, and I'll have to say that John was a great traveling companion as well. I'm glad I could help, and the good beer, food, and sights more than made it worth my while. In fact, given the hospitality in places like Nashville, Memphis, and Asheville, I might advocate for removing "armpit" from the description of our trip. Maybe we could probably upgrade it to navel.

Now that the trip is done, do we retire the blog? Or do we alter the theme and continue the back and forth? Perhaps our millions of readers want us to expound on the Stephen King movie theory, or hear us muse on the circumstances we find ourselves in 1500 miles apart?



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