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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Back safely in Durham after a long, but enjoyable four days on the road. We managed to find a short hike yesterday off the Blue Ridge Parkway that got us to a pinnacle with some nice views of the area. Then we drove a bit, stopping for lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company just outside Hickory, NC. It was probably one of the lamer lunches we had on the trip, but at that point we were sort of out of town halls to stop in.

We got back into Durham around 4:30, unpacked, and then checked the web to see that the Durham Bulls were in town. So that scrapped Tyler's, and we ended up going to The Federal instead for a couple of good brewskis and sandwiches.

The whole trip had a very much Bill Simmons feel to it. Mike and I discussed all manner of things, such as how the vast majority of movies based on Stephen King novels have been absolutely terrible. We also listened to about 15 hours of Bill Simmons' podcasts and a good number of mix CDs.

If you're going to make a trip across the armpit of the US, I highly recommend making it with a brother like Mike. It made what would be a long and mostly boring drive into a pretty good time.


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