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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking Ahead to Leg One: Seattle to Portland

You get in around 11 or so.  We'll go right from the airport to Cannon Beach, in Oregon.  It should take us about 3 hours, give or take.  It will be the Saturday after Christmas so who knows what we're looking at for traffic.  Unfortunately it looks like the weather in Seattle will be pretty lousy - the current forecast is for rain, which we've had plenty of out here this week so far.

Some people might be wondering why we're routing through Cannon Beach, in Oregon, instead of just heading straight for Portland.  Well Cannon Beach looks like a pretty cool place if you believe the interwebs:

Of course, the forecast there for Saturday is for plenty of rain as well, so who knows what we'll be able to see.  We'll drive a bit down highway 101 in Oregon, which is supposed to be a very cool road before tucking back in to Portland.  It should take us another hour and a half, give or take, to go from Cannon Beach to Portland.

So we should get into Portland around 5pm or perhaps earlier, depending on traffic, etc.  Then the plan is to go and find a brewery or restaurant with wifi, and map out the details of the remaining legs.

I'll plan to get the usual assortment of trail mix and candies, like Werthers.  I'll get the originals and not the sugar-free crap Dad buys.

One thing we haven't talked about is lunch on the first day.  We can try to grab something in Seattle right after you get in, or I can get us some bag lunches from Whole Paycheck.  They have a huge one close to us with a pretty good selection of pre-made sandwiches.  


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