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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stamp your forms, sonny

Well, nothing says "I've been jerked around too many times" like the final parole speech from good ole Ellis Boyd Redding (sorry, the original YouTube vid disappeared - 11/09). And Vikings fans this week certainly must be feeling like they've been jerked around by Brett "Mr. Inflated Ego" Favre. I personally am glad that chucker walked away, and hope it'll serve as motivation for the remaining guys. Simmons talks about the "nobody believed in us!" factor. This may be the first season we see the "nobody believed in ME!" factor. Or it'll be a total meltdown.

But I have another reason to feel jerked around this week. Let's just say my "parole" has been denied for the second time and I'm starting to think I should answer questions like Red. But I can't complain.

Shall we discuss masthead changes to the Clutch offline? Or are we thinking this might just take up too much time?



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