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Monday, December 22, 2014

Well, if you really NEED my help

You know, every once in a while your fellow man reaches out to you, in desperation, seeking assistance that only you can provide. In these moments, an ordinary average guy has to ask himself, "Am I an animal? A neanderthal? Or am I a compassionate, considerate member of an advanced species?" Really, the very fact that we struggle with these existential questions are what separates us from less elevated primates, right?

Or, maybe we just wanna drive a really freakin' cool car.

 I must admit I'm less of a gearhead than my older sibling. Heck, I don't even drive to work every day. But, at some level, I can appreciate precision machinery and fine craftsmanship. And, since I never get to drive a manual transmission, I can definitely appreciate how fun that is, especially with a car that is meant to be driven. Cue up the Ferris Bueller Ferrari music. As usual, I'm in charge of the maps. Below is a screen grab of the tentative itinerary. Now, if I can just get John to change the description of the blog. (This trip will definitely be more scenic than the last one.)


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