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Friday, December 26, 2014

Dangit, I'm stll packing

It's 7 pm the night before the trip, and I'm still puttin' stuff together. I know I'm going to forget something, especially since I'm trying to pack light: everything in one backpack. Don't worry, cologne is included, since otherwise it might start gettin' pretty smelly. But I'm sure your new car smell will overpower any BO that might invade the cabin.

I don't really care what we do for lunch on that first day. Will I be allowed to eat in the car? If so, then those prepacked sandwiches are fine. I'll eat pretty much anything after a few hours on a plane. If not, perhaps we can find a Nirvana-themed lunch spot near Kurt Cobain's hometown, Aberdeen, which is about an hour or so from Seattle.

I'm highly motivated to get my packing done so I can sample from my beer fridge before leaving Mom and Dad alone with it for a day. I fully expect it to be empty when I return. Signing off, and hoping I won't forget anything for the trip.

I do have the music picked out and packed. Don't worry, it doesn't include any ABBA.


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