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Monday, December 29, 2014

Escape Is Never The Safest Plan

Where were we this morning?  Oh that's right - in Sacramento.

Sunday night we grabbed some beers and grub at some kind of chain restaurant near the hotel.  It might have been called Chotchkie's, but I don't remember much bling.  Anyway, the food and beer were both decent enough.  We caught the rest of the Steelers game and then crashed.

Something strange woke me up pretty early in the morning.  It might have been a text from Mom asking if we were tired, I'm not sure.  It's all a blur.  We had the obligatory breakfast in the hotel, and kept it light.  We hit the road around 8AM, heading for South Lake Tahoe.

We hit a little bit of Monday morning traffic getting out of Sacramento.  Then Mike and I noticed we could actually drive in the commuter lane, since we had... two people.  Score!  That seemed like cheating but whatever.

About an hour later, the road really started to change from the highway to mountain roads into Tahoe.  This was a lot of fun.  With the active rear sports differential on, the car just bends around the turns.  There was a bit of ice and I think I made Mike a little nervous in some of those turns.  We went over the mountain, passing lots of skiers on the way.  On the downslope we started to see Lake Tahoe:

We got into South Lake Tahoe around 10 and stopped to look around.  Very cool place.  Lake Tahoe is huge:

It was too early for lunch so we decided to keep driving.  There was basically nothing but a lot of one horse towns here and there.  So we pressed on.  We passed Mono Lake which both Mike and I had been to before many years ago.  At some point we cut onto CA 120, where we made the following video:

There were a couple of long, straight stretches on this route as well.  It really opened up into the plains area.  For stretches it seemed we were the only people on the road.   It's possible that some speed laws were broken.  Repeatedly.

We refueled in several godforsaken, hole-in-the-wall towns.  Thankfully much of the driving was pretty fun.  We got into Vegas around 5:30pm.  Now we're headed to the Chicago Brewing Company for beer, of course, and some pizza.  We may be taking a taxi both ways.


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