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Friday, May 29, 2009

Nice Diversion

That's a great idea for a diversion, and I'm also glad you changed the subject, because if we had to dwell on Timmy McVeigh any longer I was going to light myself on fire. But then first I'd have to issue a disclaimer that said self-immolation would take place far away from any public buildings.

I was actually a bit more confident in our plan of mix CD's and Simmons podcasts, but mixing it up is definitely an option. The problem with your game (besides that fact that I would probably lose) is that we'd have to agree on what bands "were clearly crap". We can agree on Whitesnake (0 points for me!), but what about bands like Huey Lewis & the News, my first concert? Nineteen top ten singles is obviously pretty successful, but their sound quickly became dated when grunge hit. Does that make them "crap"? Probably under some opinions, but not mine. I no longer listen to them, but I won't agree they are (or were) crap. And before you pass judgment, you have to watch this:

If we can come up with a random or arbitrary way to pick bands to score (tune into "classic rock" or "all 80's" radio stations and pick whatever comes on?), I'm in. Otherwise we'll be stuck debating whether or not Depeche Mode should even make the list.

If we can't do that, I was thinking more along the lines of Seinfeld-like debates, like what you would do if you had to create a supergroup from two existing bands. For example, with REM and U2, would you go with the lineup for Automatic Baby? Or would you swap Clayton for the Edge and put Mills on bass, which I think would be awesome? Then what if you had to combine the Beatles with Led Zeppelin (living or dead members count)? Nirvana with Pearl Jam? The possibilities are endless.

This all predicates, of course, on us not needing the entire trip for me to figure out what exactly it is you do for a living.

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