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A blog detailing a road trip by two brothers from Seattle to Albuquerque. There will be beer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Get to the Choppah!"

Well, now we know I'm getting into Albuquerque at 9:30, and if we spend 8 hours on the road to OKC, that's 5:30 PM at the earliest. But a 7 PM arrival might be more realistic, given our steak house stopover and any recovery time from that. That MIGHT make a film a push. But if we do go see something, I could be up for Terminator, even though Ahhhnold will only appear as an "image of Ahhnold" or whatever he agreed to. He's too busy saving the state of Cauliflower. The other thing we could do cheap is, if you've never seen it, I have all the UK episodes of The Office on DVD, and we could watch those on a laptop or our portable DVD player. David Brent will definitely fuel us through OKC:

Hmmm...NIN vs. Des'ree. That's a cage match I would watch. "Look OUT!"



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